28 August 2014

Live on the airwaves!

Hello everyone, I'm on the radio this Saturday and again this Wednesday.

We'll be talking Rules, Marriage, dating and relationships

Here are the details should you like to listen in:

Sunday 31st August 9pm GMT to 10pm GMT 

I'll be live via Amber FM.

You can choose to listen via a number of different platforms as follows:

103.6 midlands 
tunein radio app on smartphones 
or via the web if you're based outside the UK www.amburfm.com

Wednesday 3rd September 4pm - 5pm GMT

Again I'll be live as part of a panel contributing to Noreen's Fabulous Women September panel via the BBC Asian Network. You can tune in via DAB Digital Radio, online, digital TV or via various other devices.

Here's a link which outlines all the platforms. 

Look out for more updates on both shows via my  facebook page or via Twitter handle @indkang.

26 August 2014

Online dating spam emails and last weeks riddle winners!!

Big thank you to everyone who took part in last Fridays dating riddle.

The correct answer is to ignore.

The reason we ignore is because the email was a generic cut and paste which also translates as spam.  Spam emails just like spam mail belong in the bin.  Men who write spam email aren't morons.  They are simply trying their luck.  The more you online date, the quicker you'll be able to differentiate between spam emails versus men who are really interested in you.

Some advertisers do the same thing, they email or post spam mail. Advertisers just like these men realise the majority of savvy people will simply delete or bin the mail -  however there will always be some who will respond.  That's what the advertisers just like these men are banking on!

More worrying are girls who respond and end up having fantasy relationships with men who they meet via online dating sites.  Remember we don't want penpals!!  We want dates.  If he's not trying to take you out he's a NEXT

Lots of you answered correctly although not everyone got the answer right.

The two lucky winners who answered correctly and got picked out are Diane and Louise!!!

Look out for more dating riddles and more prizes coming soon.

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22 August 2014

Friday Rules Dating Riddle - PRIZES TO BE WON!!

Happy Friday dear readers.  

The last Rules Dating Riddle proved so popular, I thought we'd have another one.  The rules have changed a little. Last time the first two correct answers won a prize.  However as pointed out, this isn't fair to anyone based in different time zones.  To make it fairer, we are now having a prize draw, which basically means two lucky winners will be picked out of a hat or in this case an excel spreadsheet.  The prizes are two FREE 15min consults worth £25 or approx $41.

Are you ready?

Here's the Rules Dating Riddle:

I’ve been online dating for ages but no one ever seems to make contact.  

I don’t understand as my friends keep telling me how gorgeous I am.  I really want to meet someone. My best friend is getting married in the summer and my other bestie is pregnant with her first child.   

I’m happy for them both but like where’s my Mr Right people?  Anyway I think things are changing.  

The other day I received an email from his guy.  I checked out his profile and he’s cute, cute, cute!!!   I’m so excited.  

He likes dogs and I love dogs, he also likes camping and my Dad used to take us camping all the time.  I think it’s meant to be. The signs are all there!!!

Anyway this is what he wrote:

“Hey, how are you?  I’ve been scouring all these profiles and was about to give up when hallelujah I came across yours.  Unlike the other girls on this site you look normal and I must say you’re gorgeous.  Be great to hear from you”

I think he likes me. How do you think I should  respond? 

OK everyone what should she do?

How to enter:
  • Email the answer to india@indiakang.com.  
  • Answer  via my facebook page.
  • Respond via this blog. If you choose to respond via the blog yet post anonymously please include some form of contact details so I know how to reach you. 
  • Tweet your answer to @indkang

A few tiny terms and conditions:
  • Everyone is eligible to enter
  • Prizes are two x free 15 min consults worth £25 or $41 which can be redeemed whenever you like. There is no expiration date
  • Lucky winners will be notified on Monday 25th August 2014
  • If you're entering via the blog yet choose to stay anonymous, please provide some form of contact details (it can be an alias email.)  

UK Rules girls don't forget this weekend is a bank holiday which means the deadzone ends Monday at 6pm.

Finally the answer to the above riddle and over 100 other scenarios are also covered in my new ebook "Why Men Ask Dumb Dating Questions".

Good luck everyone.


21 August 2014

Bank holiday Rules refresher

We are fast approaching the weekend. Well kinda.. If he hasn't asked for a date yet, too bad because he missed out,

Any girls based in the UK, remember this weekend is a bank holiday.

Here's a Rules refresher for the bank weekend period.
  • The dead zone starts Friday at 6pm and ends on Monday 6pm.  
  • If you want to be extra strict, you can extend the dead zone to Tuesday morning.  

Both are fine, it all depends on how strict you want to be.

There are only two scenarios:  Yes that's right, only two!!  Either he wants to see you or he doesn't, it really is that simple.

1) If he asked you out already.

In this instance you can accept his calls and texts during the dead zone. Only reply to texts which are about setting up date plans and remember to end all calls first.

2) He hasn't asked you out yet.

If this is the case, you disappear. If he asks today for Saturday, you have to turn him down. Whatever you do and regardless of how hot he is - don't accept last minute dates.

Switch everything off and don't log onto any dating sites, mobile dating apps until Monday 6pm.  No need to return any texts or calls either.  Go have some bank holiday fun instead.

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14 August 2014

Keep going when things are slow

If you’re actively treating dating like a full time job yet this weekend you're dateless?

If this is you, then this weekend I want you to call all your family, friends and as many people in your network as possible.  Tell them you’re looking to meet Mr Right and ask them to send  suitors your way.

While you’re at it, look for other ways to meet men. Is there a dating or matrimonial  list at your local place of worship?  Can you sign up to more events?  Can you start dressing better for work or when you’re generally out and about?

Have a little brainstorm.

Your homework (this dateless weekend) is to answer the following  exam question :

"What more can I do to meet men?"

Maybe brainstorm with other singletons.  

Make a list, turn your list into a plan and go action your dating plan. 

Hopefully you won't be dateless for too much longer!

Reminder to any Rules Girls based in London. London Rules Girls are having a social get together. We're heading to The Proms in the Park in Hyde Park. To join simply book your own ticket via the bbc website which is here.   Drop me a note  india@indiakang.com if you're coming and don't forget to bring a picnic and a blanket ! 

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13 August 2014

It's never going to happen for me!

I used to think this too dear readers.

Just like some of you, I'd think "it's never going to happen for me."

After talking with lots of you, its seems this mindset is pretty normal.  If you feel this way you're not alone,

It happened for me and it'll happen for you too!

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