17 September 2014

John Gray: How Men Communicate

I've shared this little video before.  It's worth sharing again.  John Gray also explains why men talk more on the third date!

Have a listen.

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12 September 2014


It's Friday which means the dead zone starts today at 6pm and ends Sunday at 6pm.

Unless there's a date in the dairy, you disappear. Turn everything off . Take your mind off dating for a couple of days!  Mini dating break.

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9 September 2014

Girls day out

Quick reminder, we are heading to the proms in the park this Saturday 13th September. 

To join simply book your own ticket via the BBC website which is here.

Drop me a note india@indiakang,com if you're thinking of coming along.

See you there! Bring a blanket and a picnic.

4 September 2014

India Kang on the radio

Noreen Khan's Fabulous Women.

Hello everyone, yesterday I was invited as a guest on Noreen's Fabulous Women segment via the BBC Asian Network.  On the panel was a female football coach and a private investigator.  It was lots of fun.  

Here's a listen back link for anyone who missed the show.  It's about 42 minutes long so you might want to put the kettle on first.

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1 September 2014

Happy September - don't rest on your laurels.

On Noreen's Fabulous Women this Wednesday!

It's the start of a new month!  And also the final quarter of this year. If you're single and searching re- read my post about taking action

Create a dating plan similar to a business plan.  Look at each month and work out what you can do to meet men.  If you need a  template drop me an email india@indiakang.com.  I'll forward a blank template for you to complete.

Don't rest on your laurels and do nothing..   You gotta be in it to win it!

Thank you to everyone who tuned into Amburfm last night.  We talked about The Rules and dating.  I was interviewed by husband and wife team Nash and Sukie. In between the breaks we spoke off air, they're both very sweet.

I'm live on air again this Wednesday on Noreen's Fabulous Women as part of the BBC Asian Network.  On the panel is a female football coach and a private investigator, should make for some interesting listening. Tune in if you can.   All the details are here.

Don't forget we're heading to the proms Saturday 13th September. To join simply book your own ticket via the BBC website here.  We have one more girlie meet up planned in November. Will post details shortly.

And as some of you heard last night. My husband asked if I could write more about married life,  He thinks it will really help people who are married and unhappy in their unions - esp his fellow married brothers.   It's no secret he loves The Rules for Marriage.  Now we're married, I've started 'couple watching.'  It's fascinating, it's easy to tell who has a Rules based marriage.  You can normally tell by talking to the wife.  One giveaway is that she's happy and nice to be around!

To help you keep the faith, last week two girls got married and two more showed off their very beautiful engagement rings.  Huge congratulations to them all.  Keep going everyone and remember to tune in this Wednesday.

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28 August 2014

Live on the airwaves!

Hello everyone, I'm on the radio this Saturday and again this Wednesday.

We'll be talking Rules, Marriage, dating and relationships

Here are the details should you like to listen in:

Sunday 31st August 9pm GMT to 10pm GMT 

I'll be live via Amber FM.

You can choose to listen via a number of different platforms as follows:

103.6 midlands 
tunein radio app on smartphones 
or via the web if you're based outside the UK www.amburfm.com

Wednesday 3rd September 4pm - 5pm GMT

Again I'll be live as part of a panel contributing to Noreen's Fabulous Women September panel via the BBC Asian Network. Joining me is a female football coach and a private investigator. You can tune in via DAB Digital Radio, online, digital TV or via various other devices.

Here's a link which outlines all the platforms. 

Look out for more updates on both shows via my  facebook page or via Twitter handle @indkang.

26 August 2014

Online dating spam emails and last weeks riddle winners!!

Big thank you to everyone who took part in last Fridays dating riddle.

The correct answer is to ignore.

The reason we ignore is because the email was a generic cut and paste which also translates as spam.  Spam emails just like spam mail belong in the bin.  Men who write spam email aren't morons.  They are simply trying their luck.  The more you online date, the quicker you'll be able to differentiate between spam emails versus men who are really interested in you.

Some advertisers do the same thing, they email or post spam mail. Advertisers just like these men realise the majority of savvy people will simply delete or bin the mail -  however there will always be some who will respond.  That's what the advertisers just like these men are banking on!

More worrying are girls who respond and end up having fantasy relationships with men who they meet via online dating sites.  Remember we don't want penpals!!  We want dates.  If he's not trying to take you out he's a NEXT

Lots of you answered correctly although not everyone got the answer right.

The two lucky winners who answered correctly and got picked out are Diane and Louise!!!

Look out for more dating riddles and more prizes coming soon.

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